The Last Days of Nowhere Island


Friday 7th of September, 3-5 pm, Spike Island, Bristol.

Nowhereisland is a work of land art for our time. Its simple narrative premise – the journey of a
small island from an Arctic archipelago as a migrant nation during the London 2012 Games –
acts as the new nation’s emblematic back-story. Yet Nowhereisland is not simply a story. It is
above all sculptural – a provocative act of material displacement by an artist. Alex Hartley
challenges our assumptions about the fixity of landscape. If national boundaries shift, if peoples
are displaced, if territorial rights are contested, he asks, why should landscape itself not move,
and what are the implications socially, economically and politically of such a sculptural act?

Tertulia is delighted to have been invited by Bristol-based art organisation Situations to take part in the celebrations to mark the last few days of the tour of Nowhereisland, a piece they commissioned artist Alex Hartley to produce. We have invited 6 artists and writers, some of whom are Tertulia regulars, to respond to the piece –  Sam Hasler, Nancy Campbell, Laura Mansfield, Amy Mason, Marie Toseland and Richard Kerridge. They will be meeting at Spike on September the 7th to introduce and discuss their new pieces – please come along and join in – which will eventually be available to view via the Nowhereisland website.

There is more information about Nowhereisland, including the other events happening in Bristol during its ‘last days’ (we rather suspect they won’t be), the 7th – 9th of September, here:

Many thanks to Michael Prior at Situations and Lucy Drane at Spike Associates for all your help and support on this.


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