Drawing, Texting, Record-Making

Thursday 21st October 2010, Arnolfini Reading Room.

Marianne Holm Hansen with David Berridge, Briony Goffin, and Chloe Mills – much to our delight.


Marianne and David discussed  “For the Record” –  a project initiated by Marianne in 2009 with the aim of exploring alternative ways to record and represent a given situation through collaborative  writing and emotional record making.

David has curated and written about the project as part of his exploration of writing in contemporary arts practice. The discussion explored  how the project has unfolded through a number of different collaborations including performances, conversations, exhibitions and publications.

David Berridge is a writer, whose work includes scripts and scores for exhibition, performance and publication;  and research in art writing and experimental poetics.  He was writer-in-residence at the BCCA urban regeneration  project in West Bromwich,  and curates VerySmallKitchen, whose recent projects include WRITING/EXHIBITION/PUBLICATION (at The Pigeon Wing,
London) and The Department of Micro Poetics (at the AC Institute, New York).
Website: verysmallkitchen.com

Marianne Holm Hansen is an artist who works across media to explore how we come to experience things as we do. Current work is considering the ‘making’ of site, space and place, by testing how the immediacy of writing, drawing, photography and mapping-technologies may make it possible to individually and collaboratively evidence – record, interpret and communicate – experience as, and where, it takes place
Website: criticalm.org

For The Record – Key Issues- Written Conversation transcribed from Tertulia


Chloe’s practice focuses mostly on drawing, and she showed some of her exquisite copied pages. http://pleasereturntome.blogspot.com/


Briony and David from Cardiff are part of an interdisciplinary group that consists of an artist, writer, anthropologist and computer scientist. Their recent and current projects are mainly oriented around the ‘text message’ as a social aesthetic and form of creative expression. There are detailed explanations and films about this work on the website www.artstation.org.uk

Their next event will be taking place at a literature festival, BayLit, in Cardiff the week after their presentation at Tertulia and they are taking this opportunity to discuss and reflect upon this event with the assembled throng.

TXT2 Vulcan, 2009 Image: Chris Colclough and Artstation

See below for further information on their Baylit project:

‘TXT2 BayLit’ is a live art event that will transform an interior wall of The Wharf (a bar/social venue in Cardiff Bay) into a blank canvas upon which text messages can be shared. Over the course of the evening, you will be invited to send (anonymously or otherwise) your declarations, questions, secrets, confessions, ideas, feelings, observations, tributes, lines of poetry, lines of prose to a given mobile phone number. Your text messages will then appear in ‘real time’ as large-scale light projections on the wall. Together, these messages will create an emergent narrative / evolving poetic work that will be witnessed by all those present. TXT2 BayLit is a project brought to you by Artstation, and is funded and administered by Academi: The Welsh Literature Promotion Agency and Society of Authors’


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