November 10th 2012, 1.30 – 3.30pm

We marked the launch of a catalogue of Arnolfini’s remarkable artists’ book collection with a series of artists’ performative realisations and responses to selected books. Part of the collection is also be on display in an exhibition in the Records Office foyer space between October and January, including works by the artists Ed Ruscha, Richard Long, John Furnival, Martin Creed, Don Celender and Jonathan Monk. Do pop by for a peek.

Take a look at the catalogue here:


Some delights from the event….

Sam Treadaway

With his bookwork titled (‘) Sam explored the role and aesthetic of the punctuation mark, re-binding an oxford dictionary before piercing through each and every punctuation mark within. (‘) was made in response the bookwork “REALITY”, by Jaroslaw Kozlowski,  which consists solely of punctuation marks.


Eilis Kirby

A foray into the archive in search of something half remembered, and possibly non-existent, resulting in a series of unexpected encounters and a collection of images including cacti, toilets, smashed typewriters, rubber bands, expressive women, an artist in a sheepskin coat, and a man sitting in a chair in a tree. These were then shuffled and arranged somewhat randomly, inspired by the title of one of the first books viewed:Chance-Imagery by George Brecht and originally published in the magazine ‘Collage’.

Michals, Duane
Things Are Queer
Consists of 9 photographs taken by the artist.
[Fotogalerie Wilde]

Barry, Robert
Belmont 1967
Municipal Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven and the Museum Folkwang

Ruscha, Edward
Royal Road Test
Collaboration between Mason Williams, Edward Ruscha and Patrick Blackwell (photographer). Photographs as documentation of a typewritter that was thrown out of the window of a 1963 Buick traveling at ninety miles per hour.
Mason Williams, Edward Ruscha


Sacha Waldron

Sacha talked us through some of the wonderful collection of Don Celender books in the archive.


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