How to Start a Collection, Daydreaming Reality

Our autumn Tertulia meeting will be at Spike Island, upstairs in the Associate’s Space, on November the 19th at 6pm:

There’ll be presentations by Laura Reeves (Cardiff) and Hannah Still (Bristol).

Laura Reeves

LAURA REEVES will be presenting her publication How To Start A Collection that was launched earlier this year as part of the first library residency at g39, Cardiff. Laura will be discussing how particular articles in the library informed the content within the publication and how the book can have the role as an exhibition space.

Reeves is an artist based in Wales and her practice is characterized by its use of found material. Currently she is resident artist at Mission Gallery, Swansea and upcoming projects and exhibitions include Standpoint Futures residency and solo show at Mostyn. as part of the Uprisings series.


HANNAH STILL will present an early version of some new work, provisionally titled The Daydream Is What Reality Is, a direct reference to a section of Clarice Lispector’s novel, A Breath of Life. The work precedes, and continues after the book, embodying the notion that a book is unfixed in position in both time and space, particularly this book that struggles to be contained in its form as a book. A Breath of Life takes the the form of a conversation or interview between an author and a character. Hannah’s work begins by inserting a third voice into this interview, this continues a longstanding interest in the structure and politics of the interview for the artist. The notion that an interview as a space and time is made up of moments of recognition and misrecognition, small epiphanies that exist somewhere outside of time is important to Hannah’s current work. Her process to make this work firstly involves removing a lot of words; images and objects then begin to populate the gaps.

Hannah Image

Hannah is an artist and writer based in Bristol, UK. She is co-director of the artist-led initiative Detroit and has previously shown her work nationally and internationally, often collaboratively. She studied writing and performance at Dartington and Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art.


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