Ethnographing silence, micro-fiction, seance transcript

Our summer Tertulia will take place at Arnolfini, on Wednesday 16th of July, 7pm. Maybe in the Reading Room, maybe in the Light Studio – haven’t decided yet.

We’re delighted to be hosting:


Noah Angell

who will present and speak upon a selection of ethnographic field recordings which address the politics of silence, the inaudible, and the barely audible. Featuring recordings of the ‘Are’are panpipe ensembles of Melanesia, flute songs of the Dayak in Borneo, Inuit throat songs, the gospel music of rural Louisiana, and a descendent of Tuvan shamans. Examples of previous lecture-performances in this series can be heard at

noah angell


Matt Davies

whose work is primary engaged with the act of listening and the exploration of found sound. Past projects include Oberhausen Spur a research residency at Kitev in Oberhausen, Sound Sweep at Spike Island, Bristol and Plant Orchestra a collaboration with Luke Jerram listening to the micro sounds of plants at Riga Botanical Gardens, Latvia. His work is also featured in the I.C.A.’s Soundworks collection and his Piano Works installations were recently shown at Schmalfilmtage, an analogue film festival in Dresden, Germany.

TJ matt Davies copy



and Ellen Wilkinson:

presents things as they are

occasionally slips into parallel universes

is interested in minutiae

suggests absurd, deadpan methods for making sense of the world

draws upon found images, overheard conversations and lucky encounters

adopts a hobbyist approach

embraces coincidence and chance alignments

looks for tensions

revels in familiarity giving way to the unsettling

likes futile and ineffectual disguises

prefers factuality

enjoys slight disruptions of normality

celebrates quiet subversions

employs apparent straightforwardness

makes things that look easy

tries to be economical

often edits.

Disguise found ebay3-2


Hope to see you there.x.



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