Interspecies Pidgin, Publishing Live Art, Therapy Culture

Thursday 29th July, 2010, 7:30pm, Arnolfini Reading Room.

Participants included:


Based in East Anglia, Helen is a visual artist with interests in ‘notions of “being”, what it means to be animal, and the frictions between languages, species and cultures of understanding‘. Organiser of the conference ‘Pidgin Language: Animals, Birds and Us’ (Kings Lynn Arts Center, 2009).

“My current interests essentially revolve around the pidgin languages between disciplines, both disparate and closely related, between species, and particularly the parallels of the boundaries between art and science, that talk about animals and wider society, and all the misunderstanding between these language barriers and frictions.

Especially, in terms of the known and unknown, the seen and unseen, the absent and the present. Language is my main interest – and encompasses the parallels of visual culture aswell as the non-visual, psychology and culture.”

Helen Bullard, fox-trap for weapons-of-defence series


Dispersal, from Plymouth, was started by Alex Goodman and Finn Woodhill, recent graduates of Dartington’s Performance Writing BA.

‘Dispersal is developing prototypes to redefine and rescue publishing. A self destructive entity that continuously collapses to leave creator and consumer side by side. It exists as an insatiable desire for these things we see here not to go unnoticed, for writing to lantern the cities and point towards the hills. Publishing as and for live art’.


based at Spike Island in Bristol.

‘My practice focuses on the self-conscious in relation to questions around disclosure and the discrepancies of self-representation in light of today’s growing culture of confessionalism. It specifically looks at everyday possibilities for ‘self-imagisation’ and explores its heightened reflexive aesthetic language and sense of the performative. Both are seen to have evolved through our increased reliance on a therapy culture or culture of emotionalism as well as the mediation of personal and social media’.

A Craven-Jones, From A Question on Disappearance, video, 2010, 10m18s

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed attending both sessions so far, and to contributing to July’s edition. A fantastic project!! Language in all its forms, and cross-disciplinary practice in all its forms are such a rich and fertile grounds for discussion – so diverse, but SO pertinent to us all! Artists in all their forms should be contributing! Thank you so much for involving me.

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