Re-Performances & Misspellings

January 20th, 2011 at 7:30 pm.

Featuring Elaine O’Sullivan and Patrick Coyle.

Elaine O’Sullivan, Returning to Jamais Vu

Tracing my encounter with Jamais Vu – a performance installation by the artist Anne Seagrave – I will analyse the compulsion to repeat, rework and re-perform. This drive to return to the ‘Never Seen’ is manifest in the multiple versions of Jamais Vu signed by Seagrave and in my embodied approach to her work. I will discuss my methodology for researching this performance and invite participants to perform a practical task and/or to observe the process.

This presentation is based on a paper/workshop I delivered at the ‘International Federation for Theatre Research’ in Munich 2010.

Elaine O’Sullivan is a PhD student in the University of Bristol’s Department of Drama: Theatre, Film & Television. Her current research explores the archival and embodied transmission and reception of performance. She is a recipient of the NUI (National University of Ireland) Travelling Studentship in Humanities & Social Sciences.

Patrick Coyle , Moving Stationary

“I had been specifically looking for a piece of moving stationery for some time. Of course all stationery moves to function, but a pair of compasses, I thought, with one leg always anchored, and the other always moving in circles, was most appropriate for my purposes. Moving Stationary was the hilarious joke rotating in my head. And then I found this one pound shop in Hackney Central last week, with the word Stationery firstly misspelled in bold white letters on the packaging, and then spelled correctly in the thin, yellow letters of the first line, which said Serious stationery for the discerning.”

Patrick Coyle is an artist and writer who recently graduated from the inaugural MFA Art Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London (2008-2010), having previously studied Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art (2002-2005). Coyle is currently exhibiting at Bloomberg New Contemporaries at the ICA, London and  The Bottom Line at Tenderpixel, London. he has recently delivered performances at reading for Reading’s Sake, Flat Time House, London and Maintenant POetry, Icelandic Embassy, London.

For Tertulia, Coyle will present some recent findings of misselled words in everyday public language, such as the one detailed above, alongside examples of how the ‘found mistake’ has featured in previous works.

Elaine's workshop - Tertulia participants recreating Jamais Vu

Patrick's Moving Stationary

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