4 Days

In April Tertulia integrated seamlessly into ‘4 Days’, a quarterly programme of performance, activating Arnolfini spaces for visitors to experience multiple live propositions during a single visit.

Four consecutive days of live works and installation from Cally Spooner, Caroline Wilkins, Emma Bennett and Antonia Barnett- McIntosh, Holly Pester, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, les gens d’uterpan, Nicoline Van Harskamp and Very Small Kitchen featuring Becky Cremin, Ryan Ormonde, seekers of lice and X Marks the Bökship. Plus poetry and reading events from SJ Fowler’s Maintenant Camarade and ourselves.

Tertulia Nikki April


Tertulia Leona April

We hosted three Bristol-based practitioners: graphic designer, photographer and interdisciplinary artist, Nikki Gittins:

Nikki LLP

Nikki Gittins (1988, Shropshire, U.K.) is a Graphic Designer and Photographer by trade, yet works in an interdisciplinary manner within her own practice. Graduating from Plymouth University with a B.A. (Hons) in Graphic Design and The University of the West of England with an M.A. in Graphic Arts, Nikki’s work investigates communities’ relationship with language, specifically local dialect. Her current work, The Local Language Project, utilises interdisciplinary practices including Visual Ethnography, Linguistics and Cultural Geography. Nikki combines her formal training as a designer with her dedication to the subject of communication, in particular how the form can affect its meaning. Nikki gives talks around the country about her research for The Local Language Project and has been a guess speak on the BBC several times. Nikki currently resides and works in Bristol.

The Local Language Project

The Local Language Project is an interdisciplinary project focusing on the local dialect of the Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire boarders. The project combines Visual Ethnography with Linguistics, traditional Graphic Arts and Photography to highlight the richness of the dialect within the area, still in use today. Nikki Gittins (M.A. Graphic Arts, University of the West of England, B.A (Hons) Graphic Design, University of Plymouth) started the project in January of 2012, after noticing the oddities within language around the country. Focusing on her home county (Shropshire) and its surrounding area. The project studies the dialect of the area, its importance to our social and anthropological history, our evolution the relationship this dialect has to the main industries of the area (agriculture and mining) and the relevance of this language within today’s society.

Through community participation, including interviews, filming, talks and dialect submissions, the project has gathered an ever-expanding database, with over 750 words/phrases still in use today. Research to this extent, in this particular area, has not taken place since the late 1800s, and as demonstrated by the local community, is in high demand. The project also investigates the Etymology of the words, Sociolinguistics and the influence the movement of the Welsh border over the decades has had on the language.

For more information, please visit: www.thelocallanguageproject.com or contact Nikki directly on localdialect@gmail.com.


Leona Jones – Leona’s practice is a cross-disciplinary approach to making centering on word as event/performance where language is a major, but never the only, component of text – WordsSoundsSpaces.  Building on previous studies focused on English Literature and scriptwriting, she is currently developing a multi-media practice using text, sound, field recordings, spatiality and visual image, and is influenced by ideas from philosophy, music, science and theatre, as well as literature and art.  Leona was awarded MA (Distinction) Performance Writing from Falmouth/Dartington University in October 2012, and is based in Cardiff.   www.leonajones.co.uk 


listen…  just whose voice do you think this is?


umm     close    err



list encloser  t t t  oooo 

to whisperings hissss

voice  purrrrs

splutters   coughcacklehiccupsnort

Voices whirrrr

in/off bones slip

sliding with sound

ripples waving brainbending consciousness cracking brightburning deep unknowings shrieksplitting myriads shakeseizingpowers until shrink

wrapping around                   (silence)


There’llcertainlybesomeuhhsilencessomemorepausevoiceswithaaafewinter<>actionsohandastring(word)container…   probably…     perhaps…    h’mm       …  


Slimon pic

Andre Shlimon is an alternative-classical pianist, composer, and singer based in Bristol, UK. He performs regularly in the South-West and across the UK and has appeared at venues including St Georges, Colston Hall and the Arnolfini in Bristol, and The Forge and Bush Hall in London, as well as the Electrostatic, Corsham and Salisbury festivals.


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