about Tertulia – language and voice

Tertulia is a regular salon event for people working with or interested in language, both textual and vocal, from a range of different disciplinary and methodological perspectives. Founded by Phil Owen and Megan Wakefield,  it is based in Bristol and is regularly supported by Arnolfini.

‘Tertulia’ is a Spanish word ordinarily applied to social gatherings with literary, artistic or bohemian overtones. One would speak of going to ‘a tertulia’ as in ‘a dinner’. We use it as a proper noun however, and tend to mispronounce it ‘ter-TYOO-lia’, to suit our anglophone mouths.

We aim to function as a platform for new work, ideas and experimentation, with capacity to provide engaged, supportive critical feedback; and also to create opportunity for individuals to share information about other writers, artists and thinkers who enthuse them.


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  1. Elaine O'Sullivan · · Reply

    I recently presented my work and found the experience very beneficial. As an inter-disciplinary space, Tertulia facilitates collaborative exchange and the cross-fertilization of ideas. I would like to thank Phil & Megan for giving me the opportunity to discuss my research,


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